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At Carolina Land & Timber Company, we also offer a range of other services. If you are interested in land development, we do that as well. We also have a timber harvesting service.


Call us today at our office in Whittier, NC for a FREE consultation, and we'll set something up for you!

We also offer...

Wildlife habitat improvements

Are you interested in improving your land for the wildlife that lives in the area? We can help you do that.


We have experience in improving wildlife habitat and know exactly what you need to make your land better.

Our location

Interested in learning more in person? Why not drop by our office sometime and talk to a staff member? We'd be happy to chat!

FREE consultation

Why pay for a consultation? We offer ours FREE!

-  Create new vegetation plantings.

-  Create wildlife corridors through timber areas.

-  Come up with an overall land plan.

-  Make suggestions for improvements on a timeline.

What we can do: